exo-rockmyworldLiza Hijjah. From Brunei. I have never been such a hardcore fan of any group until I found out about EXO. Basically this blog is just another way to fill-up my addiction towards them >.< So,relax,sit back and enjoy your stay here~ ^^v


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the beautiful sparkles in his eyes

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I want to wear your sweatshirt to bed, watch scary movies with you, talk on the phone until sunrise, sneak out at night to look at the stars with you, kiss you in the rain, go on walks with you, laugh until I can’t breathe, hold hands… I want to fall hopelessly in love with you, Chanyeol.

Chorong as the childish girlfriend who wants to eat chicken feet and Suho as the caring boyfriend who forgot to buy it and is laughing at his girlfriend’s child attitude. 

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you can practically see his tail wagging.

you can practically see his tail wagging.

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Meet my forever, ultimate bias Zhang Yixing

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© Kaixing


© Kaixing

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so for those of you who were wondering why yixing and tao updated their weibo’s the way they did (they were very defensive and clearly irritated), it was because the chinese singer laure shang claimed EXO couldn’t speak chinese. on a TV program, she formed an idol group, and when asked if…

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the way yixing makes his slip look like it’s part of his choreo

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when kyungsoo sees children playing..

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suho forever doing things behind baekhyun while he’s talking to the camera

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